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Libby, Cole & Kenadie :: 1 Year

Oh, what fun it was shooting these adorable triplets for their 1 year shoot (not to mention I was 9 months pregnant and managed fairly well crawling around on the floor with them :)!  They were more mobile this time around, but still the most well behaved little kiddos.  We have one more scheduled shoot with them when they are 18 months old and I cannot wait to see how much different they will be…..and how much more tired I will be chasing them around, ha!

Kenadie, Cole and Libby


I love how Cole is eying Libby’s blocks :)

Love his smile!



Check out those teeth…so cute!!!


Such a sweetie!


These next two crack me up… minute they were all smiling and having fun and….

The next minute they were all starting to cry (which has been a rarity when I’ve been around….I told them they were due for some crying ;)……hilarious!

Dawn and her tired little ones :)

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