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Jen :: Maternity

Pregnancy, to me, is so beautiful…..and Jen looks gorgeous!  But, this little boy is about to show his handsome faceView full post »

Amee :: 2 Years

 I was so excited to see Amee again and what a beautiful, sweet little girl she is growing up to be!  She was not tooView full post »

Patrick, Jen, Kennedy and Baby girl

My dear friends are getting ready to welcome their second baby girl here in a few weeks and I can’t wait to meetView full post »

Kristen :: Pregnancy

Kristen and Terry will soon be blessed with the most amazing miracle…..TWO baby boys!!!!  And what amazingView full post »

Heather :: Pregnancy

Heather is absolutely gorgeous when she’s not pregnant, but she is even glowing with joy at 35 weeks pregnant!  IView full post »

Amber :: Pregnancy

Amber is one of my sister’s best friends and I was honored to photograph her adorable belly!  I give props toView full post »

Andrea :: Pregnancy

Andrea is a co-worker of mine and I have loved watching her little baby bump grow.  So, I was honored to be able toView full post »

Dottie :: Pregnancy

I had the pleasure of photographing Dottie a few weeks before she was due to deliver her baby girl….she looked soView full post »

Hudson :: Newborn

 Now meet Hudson…..such a sweet little boy!  He was only 5 days old and I can see he’s already going to beView full post »

Krista :: 37 Weeks

Krista is definitely a beautiful pregnant woman….but she also happens to be one of my best friends that I haveView full post »

Jennifer :: 34 weeks

Joe and Jennifer will be welcoming their little boy mid-October and are so excited to meet him! Jennifer looks amazingView full post »

Toni :: Pregnancy 35 weeks

I was getting worried that I wouldn’t get the chance to photograph Toni before she had her second little girl, butView full post »